Sales - Service - Installation

We are a leader at sales, service and installation of industrial control electronics. Control Concept technicians are experts with all major brands of AC and DC drives, programmable controllers, MMI’s, timers, counters, temperature controllers, instrumentation, and process controls. If you have a line down, system upgrade, or need advice on increasing efficiency at your production facility, give us a call.

With our skilled Engineering staff you can be assured we have the ability to pinpoint your problem and get you back online quickly. We have the experience and tools to design and build integrated drive and PLC systems for many complex applications that can help increase your productivity.

Emergency Repair Services

Line down situations can be expensive. We understand the urgency to get you back up on line producing goods to meet schedules. Profits from line down situations can quickly erode with production sitting idle. Control Concepts can be reached 24/7 365 days/year to respond to your breakdowns. Delays from hiring a company without the resources or experience to quickly get things running can be devastating to the bottom line.

Control Concepts can handle emergency situations with a sense of urgency. We value your need to be productive again as quickly as possible. Please be assured our field technicians can get you back online quickly and painlessly. If you have a breakdown, don't delay to call us. Many times we can suggest improvements to lower future risk and increase system performance, that’s where our years of experience can really pay off.

Drives Carried in Stock

Control Concepts carries in our Buena Park Facility AC and DC drives up to 400 HP. We also carry a number of refurbished AC drives. Local inventory allows us to offer immediate solutions to breakdown situations. Many times older, obsolete drives have parts that are hard to find and you still have an "old" drive once repaired. The option of replacing obsolete drives with newer units is preferred by many of our customers.

We carry a refurbished inventory, which offers a low cost option to get you back up and running quickly.

With our expertise in Drives we can fully support the installation and startup of all products that we stock.

Loaner Program

Control Concepts offers a convenient "loaner" drive program. You can rent a drive at a nominal fee to run your machine while your drive is being repaired. If you decide to buy the "loaner" drive we will apply the rental charges to the cost of the drive.

Please call for availability and pricing.